Pioneer Scout Troop

children aged 12 to 15 years
Wednesday 19:30 to 21:30

Being a Scout is about trying new things and being surrounded by other Scouts who are trying new things too! Scouting offers exciting opportunities and activities which encourage achievement, leadership, teamwork and confidence.

What is it like to be a Scout?

At the heart of Scouting is badge work, each Scout will work their way through the badges of their choosing, for example: Swimmers, Marksmen, Athletes, etc. Not all are chosen by the Scout, however, there are a group of core badges known as Service badges and they will earn these as they progress through the Troop.

The Service badges include Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class and Scout Cord and awarded in that order. When a child joins the Troop, the first badge they work on is their Tenderfoot. After completing this badge, they are invested as a Scout into the Troop. Tenderfoot introduces the concepts of Scouting and its founding principles.

During the term we also exchange a few nights of meeting at the hut with meeting down the local woods for more outdoor activities, in the past they have included: sausage sizzle on an open fire, flour powered warfare, trying to boil an egg with just a tin can and building rafts.

Outside weekly meetings, we also arrange Bivvi Camps, Museum visits, Theatre visits, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Summer Camp, to name just a few!

Troop & Patrols

At the centre of being a Scout, there is the Troop. The Troop comprises all the Scouts and leaders that belong to the Scout Group section. It is split into several smaller groups called patrols. These normally comprise 4 to 6 Scouts.

Each patrol has two older Scouts elected as Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. Activities are normally carried out in patrols, however, when undertaking larger tasks, such as building a bridge, each patrol would be allocated a particular part of the task in order to accomplish the task.

Our recent meetings:


Scouts: Camp Fire Cooking

After the recent success of the Scout’s fire building, this week they were challenged to create a meal which could be cooked entirely on one green stick. Their choice: a form of sausage roll made from a sausage and bread twist dough. . .interesting. . .


Scouts: Post-Hike Fire

After an exhausting twelve mile hike at the weekend around Box Hill, the Scouts took it easy and enjoyed making a fire.


Scouts: Radiation

Tonight the Scouts learnt all about radiation from one of our leaders, who is a soil & rock scientist by day. They learnt all about the good and bad types and measuring some Uranium Ore with a scintillator. It was great to fully appreciate that while the bad type seems to make the news so […]


Scouts: E1 Hike

Last week, our Scout planned an evening hike of 5km around our local army training ground known as E1. All they had was a map, route card, and compass. The parents were pleased to find all Scouts had found their way back to the pickup point by the end of the evening! Well done to […]


Scouts: Pumpkin Carving

After the Beavers did such a great job, the Scouts felt left out! This evening we carved both pumpkins and watermelons to create some fantastic artistic pieces.


Scouts: Skewer Cooking

This week, our Scouts revised the use of the ‘Jenga tower’ method of fire building to create a wonderful ember base to do some cooking. Each Scout made their own skewer of assortments of meat and vegetables to cook.  


Scouts: Hike Route Planning

Route planning is a vital part of a successful hike. There is no better way than to learn how to read OS maps, to fill out a route card, and then get out and start hiking!


Scouts: Canvas Evening

With summer camp hurtling towards us, there is never a better time to remind ourselves how to construct the various canvases we use on our camps. From dining shelters to patrol tents. Every canvas has its quirks!